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Healthy Food

Food prepared using fresh ingredients that is high in nutritional value, a balanced diet for healthy life. No unhealthy additives as in restaurant food.

Hygienic Food

We enforce strict food safety and hygienic standards. Our home chefs are trained in raw material, kitchen cleanliness, personal hygiene & cooking.

Food Variety

In single subscription, choose up to 2 different meals of your choice. It can be North Indian Meal, South Indian, Non-veg etc. Isn't it a Real Delight.

Hassle Free

Just subscribe and get meal box delivered to your location on time, every time. You can turn off delivery for any day, all plans have high validity.

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Meal Plans

₹4955 Meals

Veg Meal

Rice, 2 Chapati/Akki Roti/Parota, Sambar(Dal), Curry, Dry Sabzi(Palya), Curd & Pickle.

Inaugural OFFER!!!

1 Meal - Trial | ₹125 ₹99 (21% Off!)
5 Meals | 30 Days Valid | ₹625 ₹495 (21% Off!)
15 Meals | 30 Days Valid | ₹1875 ₹1426 (24% Off!)
30 Meals | 60 Days Valid | ₹3750 ₹2732 (27% Off!)
60 Meals | 90 Days Valid | ₹7500 ₹5346 (29% Off!)

₹7455 Meals

Non-veg Meal (Chicken)

Rice, 2 Chapati/Parota/Pulka, Chicken Curry, Rasam and Salad

Inaugural OFFER!!!

1 Meal - Trial | ₹180 ₹149 (17% Off!)
5 Meals | 30 Days Valid | ₹900 ₹745 (17% Off!)
15 Meals | 30 Days Valid | ₹2700 ₹2146 (21% Off!)
30 Meals | 60 Days Valid | ₹5400 ₹4112 (24% Off!)
60 Meals | 90 Days Valid | ₹10800 ₹8046 (26% Off!)

₹5455 Meals

Chicken Biryani

Chicken Biryani, Raita, Gravy & Salad

Inaugural OFFER!!!

1 Meal - Trial | ₹150 ₹109 (27% Off!)
5 Meals | 30 Days Valid | ₹750 ₹545 (27% Off!)
15 Meals | 30 Days Valid | ₹2250 ₹1570 (30% Off!)
30 Meals | 60 Days Valid | ₹4500 ₹3008 (33% Off!)
60 Meals | 90 Days Valid | ₹9000 ₹5886 (35% Off!)


Today is the era of fast life where most of the people don’t even get time to prepare their day-to-day foods. So, they often get bound to rely on restaurant / junk foods and we all know how much these foods are harmful to our health. But, where TngTong! is with you, don’t need to worry about nutritious, delicious foods when you’re in Bangalore.

We prepare mouthwatering and healthy homemade meals for our customers. We specially take care of hygiene, as it’s directly connected with one’s health and well-being.

We offer South Indian Veg Meals, North Indian Meal & Non-Veg Meals in a subscription basis (like 5 meals, 15 meals etc). Serving delicious and healthy foods is our main goal with 100% customer satisfaction.

Whether its busy professionals, bachelors, or senior citizens, TngTong prepares and delivers delicious foods for all without any miss. Our meal delivery service in Bangalore always makes sure our customers get only healthy, hygienic yet toothsome foods every time they choose us. Nowadays, it’s very difficult to maintain home and office when the work schedule is too hectic. Leave the cooking part on us and enjoy your lunch & dinner in a complete convenience delivered at your office or home on time without any worry of kitchen chores.

Homemade Meals Delivery in Bangalore

  • Lunch & Dinner, All 7 days of the week
  • Turn on/off delivery for any specific date
  • Choose up to 2 different meal types in single subscription*. Price calculated as per meal type
  • Multiple quantity/Bulk subscription available
  • You can have multiple subscriptions at any time. Lunch is a separate subscription, Dinner is separate
  • Ability to cancel subscription & refunds
  • Meals delivered in steel containers
  • Pay using Credit Card/Debit Card/ Net Banking/ Paytm/ Google Pay or PhonePe
  • No instant orders, only pre-orders. i.e If you want meal tomorrow, you must order before 7pm today.


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Mrs. Lalitha

BSK 3rd Stage


Mrs. Padma

JP Nagar


Mrs. Sumathi



Mrs. Asavari



Mrs. Ranjana



Mr. Kuldeep

HSR Layout

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Homemade foods have been always underestimated by many people. But, if you want to maintain good health, sticking to homemade foods is very important. TngTong homemade food delivery service knows the pain of busy people in preparing day-to-day three time meals. So, we, at TngTong, started our journey to deliver healthy homemade indian food items at your doorstep. We have prepared our menu dedicated to a lot of healthy foods to eat everyday. Being a homemade food delivery Bangalore, we strictly maintain the delivery time. So, if you’re living in Bangalore, try out our homemade food delivery bengaluru once. You’d get healthy meals on a budget. If you’re convinced about the homemade food advantages, you can easily protect your health from various issues. TngTong offers easy healthy meals for college students and also homemade diet food to lose weight. Our quick easy healthy meals menu has been customized in keeping body requirements in mind. When it comes to benefits of home cooked meals vs fast food, definitely, home cooked meals will win. So, we are constantly working for selling home cooked food to the public and upgrading our service. Just order home cooked food from TngTong today.
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