Who doesn’t want to indulge in homemade meals while away from home? Everyone, isn’t it? Nowadays, where health becomes secondary in the day-to-day rat race and restaurant foods and unhygienic street foods become an integral part of lifestyle, homemade nutritious foods are the only savior. If you don’t have time to prepare healthy foods in your home, TngTong homemade food delivery is here for you.

We, at TngTong, have broken the myth that healthy foods can’t be tasty. Our meals are prepared, keeping our customers’ taste buds in mind. Whatever you need - lunch, or dinner, TngTong homemade food delivery service in Bangalore delivers healthy, hygienic, and appetizing meals (on a subscription basis) in homes and office on time- without any miss.

Home cooked foods are good for our health. Here, quality ingredients are used along with the maintenance of hygiene. But, keeping track in today’s scenario, it’s very difficult to prepare day-to-day meals at home. Just order online and we’ll deliver homemade delicious and hygienic meals at your doorstep. So no need to worry about your kitchen chores anymore.

TngTong always emphasizes on quality and hygiene without any compromise with taste. At TngTong, we perceive our customers as our family members. It has been possible for our experienced home cooks, who prepare foods with lots of care and compassion taking customers’ health condition (diabetes and hypertension) in mind. So, when it comes to food delivery in your home or office, TngTong is your one-stop destination.

At TngTong, our main goal is to deliver healthy and appetizing meals to our customers without any hassle. Our expert chefs collect garden-fresh ingredients and prepare nutritious, mouth-watering meals. No question of artificial colorants, preservatives, and any type of unhealthy additive are there when you choose us. Our meal structure has come in budget-friendly price structures. That means you’ll get healthy meals without burning a hole in your pocket.

Just open our website and order your preferred meal and we will deliver your foods at your resident or workplace on time. No need for follow-ups, we would reach your place as per the scheduled time.

If you want to take a few days off from your kitchen chores, we’re here to serve delicious homemade meals at your home. On the contrary, if you look for some healthy meals during your office break, just let us know and our delivery will be reached right at your workplace.

Many times we underestimate the value of homemade foods until we’re away from home. We badly need mom’s special curry or grandma’s stew, isn’t it? TngTong homemade food delivery recreates that special magic so that you can get that homemade taste and aroma every time.

Our team members are striving hard to constantly upgrade our service. We look for 100% customer satisfaction every time. So, give us an opportunity to serve you with some healthy yet delicious meals. You won’t regret your decision- that’s for sure.