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Home Restaurant

Home Restaurant

TngTong launched a unique concept for our homemade food lover customers who are looking for a bit of a different dining experience.

Now a day's you might know how Airbnb/OYO allows people to turn their homes into hotels, In similar way we are letting people turn their kitchens into restaurants through TngTong platform. Now pay 50% less compare to restaurants cost have healthy, hygienic, and delicious homemade lunch/dinner in the home chef of a complete stranger.

Home restaurant idea is launched first time in INDIA, these kinds of businesses are becoming more common in the market now a days. TngTong style of dining gives customers the chance to eat directly with our home chefs and many of these home restaurants chef take themselves quite seriously.

To eat with our home chef, simply request a reservation on our website TngTong.
This could be a great way to meet new folks in your community and get a taste of what they’re cooking.